Accident Protection

Innovative design greatly reduces the possibility of shattering and breakage while still allowing easy needle insertion and vial content visibility…all  without having to remove insulin from Vial Safe protector.

The perfect solution

Fits all 10 mL insulin brands and vial sizes. Lightweight, hypo-allergenic and reusable with an easy-on, easy-off design.

Super Lightweight
Fits all 10 mL vials

Take it everywhere

No more worrying about vial breakage while on-the-go.  Vial Safe will protect your insulin whether it’s being thrown in your purse or jet-setted to a far away land.

Great for travel
On-the-go protection

Purr-fect for pets

No more worrying about Rover’s tail knocking his insulin out of your hands.  Vial Safe fits Vetsulin and all other insulin brands used for dogs and cats.

Great for pets
Secure, comfortable grip


“We’re new to the vial world and have already shattered two bottles. Saw this and had to have it. Fantastic.”

– Daniel W.

“I’ve broken insulin vials while on vacation or visiting friends, this will put an end to that.”

-Amazon Customer

“Excellent made product and saves big $$$ on dropped vials.”

–  Janyth U

“My kitchen floor is tile and after dropping and losing another brand new bottle of insulin I had enough”

– DFWRandy

“Great product. .This will stop breakage of insulin vials. Wish I had found sooner.”

– Amazon Customer

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Lifetime guarantee
Try 30 days risk free

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#Repost @t1diabetica with @make_repost
How ca-uuuuuute are these vial protectors!? There are so many lovely small businesses selling these! These are from @vialsafeinsulinprotector and the marble effect is what got me like 😍😍

I used to read so many posts about people accidentally dropping vials and having the whole bottle of liquid gold smash, and now that I have them too I totally see why. The vials are so small and delicate and I am SO clumsy that I just don’t trust myself handling them without a protector so got myself two in pink and purple!

**not an ad or sponsored. Bought these myself and I really love the marble effect so sharing them in case you’re on the look out!

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Safe, stylish, & reusable... what more could you need from an insulin vial protector!!? Check out our entire collection only on

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#Repost @t1dveganna with @make_repost
I’m in full Halloween mode now so it had to be the orange 🙃 but yes my @vialsafeinsulinprotector multipack came and I’m very happy! I’ve wanted some for ages but kept putting it off but they have these marbles ones now and I couldn’t resist any longer. Fun fact: once I was about to travel solo somewhere (I think Thailand) and in the queue for security I had put my insulin in the clear plastic bag for liquids and taken it out of the cardboard box so they could see it... I was struggling to hold my hand luggage, passport and get my boarding pass out of a folder.... and dropped the liquids bag - my insulin smashed and and heart dropped 😭 I called my mum crying and even though she’d just done the journey there and back to drop me off she rushed back to the airport with more insulin vials for me -WHAT A HERO @elaine_beckett I’m lost without you. I was terrified of missing my fight and was in such a tizz it really was a very stressful situation. I’m not planning on flying again anytime soon but I think these little things will quell the fear of it happening again. As if airport security and flying isn’t stressful enough! Imagine accidentally smashing your lifesaving liquid gold in the queue 🤦‍♀️💔🤦‍♀️💔 #diabeticproblems #typeonediabetes #insulinforall #t1diabetes #chronicillnessawareness #novorapid #insulin #diabetes #t1dlookslikeme #diabetestravel