By Joel Grossman


When Joel Grossman sent us a sample of his new Vial Safe product, we were so impressed that we asked him to share his experience creating it with you.

Early on I found out I had to get a better grip on my insulin, literally. Being a type 2 diabetic for 30 years I realized that I could learn to live with Diabetes. But there was one aspect I couldn’t get used to, which was the dropping and breaking of the very expensive insulin vials.

My first dropped vial resulted in the breaking of it when it hit the kitchen floor. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Having to pay $128 to replace it still wasn’t the worst of it. Winding up in the hospital ER getting stitches on the bottom of my foot because I stepped on the shattered glass…that was the worst of it.

My second drop was in the bathroom sink, where I found out porcelain was more durable than glass. I realized I would need a part time job to pay for the replacement vials. I called my insurance company and found out there was no insurance for dropping and breaking insulin vials. Mmm, insurance. We have car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, etc. I decided to find my own kind of insurance.

I started using combinations of Velcro, duct tape, rubber bands, etc. Each method caused a problem. I found out there were many factors I would have to deal with, such as seeing the entire label, the amount & type of insulin left in the vial, and leaving the top accessible to insert the syringe.

I discovered that there was only one material that could do the trick and that was 100% hypo-allergenic silicone. I bought a sheet of silicone and started to experiment with it. Now that I had the right material I made a mold that would surround the entire vial, leaving the label, amount & type of insulin, and syringe opening accessible for viewing and usage. It took me over 2 years to get to the finished product. Vial Safe was born.

Next, I started the testing phase. I started making drops from 10 feet, 20 feet, and as high as 30 feet. I would have gone higher except I am afraid of heights. The most fun was going into pharmacies such as Walgreen, Rite-Aid, CVS and watching the pharmacists jump to grab the vial when i dropped it on the counter.

They all loved it and said to get in touch with their corporate headquarters as they would love to carry Vial Safe.

The most promising test was sending a empty insulin vial wearing only the Vial Safe jacket through the US Mail with out bubble wrap, without packing peanuts and with out any sort of packing material in just a plain envelope…when it arrived at it’s destination it was in as good as shape as before i mailed it.

Since the completion phase of Vial Safe it has been tested- tried-and recommended for every man, woman and child that has to administer insulin to themselves.

At this time we all have the assurance of never having to worry about replacing another very expensive insulin vials ever again.

Vial Safe is manufactured to fit every insulin vial on the market today. dinero urgente