by Amazon Customer on Vial Safe
Incredible Product!!! Skepticism tossed aside!!!

Bought these under an emergency solution to a traumatized daughter who accidently dropped a bottle of Lantus 10mL insulin just picked up from the pharmacist. Knowing it was an accident didn't help calm her at all even after salvaging enough syringes of the remaining liquid gold to get through the holiday weekend. Deciding to look up protective containers/sleeves I came across Vial Safe during a Google search. Looking into the product I was skeptical thinking for the cost of this miracle chaos preventer it can't be legit- till we watched various videos and testimony by the granddaughter of the creator itself. SOLD!!! Product arrived to the delight of a very enthusiastic 13yr old. with a rubber bracelet stating Diabetic which made my day along with her. Packaged is two 10mL sleeves for short (Humalog, Humulin, Novolog, Levimer and Novolin) and taller (Lantus, Apidra) bottles of insulin (or similar products). My heart sank when the sleeve was placed on a vial of insulin and I see a look of pure mischievous chaos in her eyes and that grin... she casually drops it onto the sidewalk from an extended reach above her head of at least 5½ feet.... and it bounces....twice....warbles and comes to a standstill. No leaks. No scuffs. NOTHING but an intact vial of liquid gold?! So yeah needless to say this product works and brings great joy and amusement to her knowing accidents happen but do not need to be the end of the world. Now if I could just get her to stop demonstrating it.....

by Kindle Customer on Vial Safe

They work awesome. Not that I’ve tried to drop my kids insulin bottle but hey here’s to hoping we never do

by Lucy on Vial Safe

I haven't dropped my insulin while in this case to test it yet. It fits my vials well. However, I have to take the vial out of the cover to attach my pump supplies.

by Vi on Vial Safe
Great for Vetsulin vials

Works great for Vetsulin pet insulin vials. The shorter one is a perfect fit. Vetsulin is costly, and the last thing anyone wants or needs is risking a broken bottle. Vial Safe provides a nice cushion and you can still see the insulin and how much is left.

by Amazon Customer on Vial Safe
Insulin Vial Security

I'm a diabetic since 1958. I've broken insulin vials while on vacation or visiting friends... this will put an end to that. The safety and security of insulin vials and pens is essential to the diabetic. A positive variation would be to package 2 longs or 2 shorts together. Thank you Joel.

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