Vial Safe for Fiasp, Humalog, Humalin, Levimer, Novolin, Novolog, NovoRapid, Caninsulin, Tresiba, Vetsulin (10mL, Original Colors)


  • Protects vials if accidentally dropped
  • Provides secure & comfortable grip
  • Patented design allows you to view label & content at all times
  • Reusable & lasts forever
  • Great for travel & insulin pump users

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Why Vial Safe?

  • Fits all 10 mL vials of Fiasp, Humalog, Humulin, Levimer, Novolin, Novolog, NovoRapid, Tresiba, Caninsulin and Vetsulin
  • Provides comfortable grip
  • Reuseable
  • Lasts forever
  • View label & contents of vial at all times
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Protects against accidental drops
  • Super lightweight
  • Great for pet insulin
  • Open top allows easy needle insertion

Legal Disclaimer:  Vial Safe is intended to reduce the chance of damage to a glass vial that is properly inserted into it.  Use of Vial Safe does not guarantee that damage or destruction of a vial and resulting loss of its contents will not occur. Even when properly inserted, Vials in Vial Safe can be damaged and, in some cases, destroyed and the contents lost. By using Vial Safe you agree that you will hold harmless Vial Safe, LLC from and against any and all damages, including personal injury and death, resulting from the failure of Vial Safe to prevent damage to or destruction of a vial or its contents.


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Customer Reviews

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5.0 rating
January 6, 2016

Keeps those expensive vials safe.


Vial Safe really does protect your vials.

5.0 rating
December 30, 2015

This is the best item I have got from Amazon, 25 years as a Diabetic 7 broken vials and one was in a foreign country. The package has two units one for Humalog (shorter and wider vials) and one for Lantus (taller and thinner vials) they fit perfectly. There is an opening in the tops to allow the syringe to enter. I took an empty vial outside with the Vial Safe on it and dropped it 11 times from different heights and no broken vial. I will make sure to let my Endocrinologist know about the Vial Safe system.


Five Stars

5.0 rating
October 5, 2015

Great product. It would be great to have this sold in the pharmacy.

Logan K.

great for insulin and allergy vials

5.0 rating
July 22, 2015

“””I bought the short one for my dogs ReliOn – Novolin N. Works great dropped on tile and has bèen protected. I dropped the first bottle, very expensive 3x as I bought the Novolin not at Walmart. Luckily it was in the morning and I was able to buy another bottle at the expensive pharmacy. Since then 24.88 so I buy an extra bottle to keep on hand just in case. Note I have broken one in the box knocked out of the butter compartment so now I bubble wrap the extra one.
I now am administrating my allergy shots so I didnt want to break those vials on the tile either. I bought the larger ones and cut off the tip and it is a good fit. I can still wipe it with the alcohol pad too. I like I can see through the protective wrap unlike some others.
I buy a lot of items from Amazon but this time I didn’t as the manufacturer had a special deal and I purchased direct”””


Five Stars

5.0 rating
July 21, 2015

this was the perfect solution for my daughter and for my FINANCES

nicole cordova

Five Stars

5.0 rating
July 5, 2015

Good product!

Thomas W Miskimen

Five Stars

5.0 rating
May 26, 2015

Excellent product but haven’t been able to register the bracelet. Any suggestions?

Sharon L.

Better Than Expected

5.0 rating
May 22, 2015

This package contained two covers. One fits the taller bottles and one the shorter. Though I bought it for my Step Son, I am getting myself a set as well. They are easy to put on and allow you to see how much insulin you have, the expiration date, and any other needed information on the bottle. They are much better than the solid sleeves I presently use.

G. A. Reason

Five Stars

5.0 rating
January 13, 2015

Love the vial safe but could not find out how to register the wrist band help?

Charlotte Joncich

Five Stars

5.0 rating
January 12, 2015

works good

gilbert raleigh

Five Stars

5.0 rating
December 2, 2014

very good keeps my insulin safe

John Asbury

I like how the protector fits on the vial

5.0 rating
October 24, 2014

“””In 60 years of taking insulin, I have broken only 3 vials. It is quite a downer, especially these days, when it is so expensive, even with insurance, not to mention the inconvenience and scary sinking feeling one gets, when it happens.
I like how the protector fits on the vial, and the soft rubbery material it is made of. I never even saw one before I came across it in Amazon–not even in my diabetic magazines.
Yes, I did accidently drop my protected vial while taking it out of the fridge, and the protector does work! Whew!”””

Type 1 forever

Vial Safe Insulin Impact Resistant Vial Protector - 2 PACK

5.0 rating
October 21, 2014

This really works. Just don’t lose the protected insulin vial!


Good Product

5.0 rating
April 11, 2014

Exactly as described. I purchased for my wife that has dropped a couple bottles of insulin. The bottles feel very secure in your hand.

Hans Baran

Just What We Needed

5.0 rating
February 2, 2014

Wish I had thought of this invention first! It has already more than paid for itself. We would have lost an expensive vial of Lantus on our ceramic kitchen floor a week after we received the protectors had I not purchased them. I like the idea of the 2-pack of small and large because my daughter uses both Novolog and Lantus.

Kindle Customer

Fantastic product

4.0 rating
August 14, 2013

I’m ordering one of these for a friend, as I found them so useful myself. When your kid is diagnosed with T1 and you are up all night checking, dosing, worrying… it is all too easy to mix up the Lantus and the Humalog/Novalog with little no sleep. What I like about these insulin vial sleeves is that you can use them to color code the different insulins. Doing this one little thing simplified things just a bit. And when you’re new to this disease, every bit of simplification helps. Walgreens used to sell similar plastic products, but they’ve been discontinued, sadly. I actually liked the plastic ones better because there was a narrow window through which you could see how full/empty the vial was. These will do the trick, though.

Kathryn A. Goodman

Vial safe: recommended!

5.0 rating
September 17, 2012

I really like this product. I wanted something to keep me from dropping my vial of insulin. This works! I also like the fact that when I need to take my bottle with me, I can still put it in the box and put in my purse! I used it at a festival, and it was great having this protection from it not slipping either out of my hand or wherever I had to place the bottle. It has a snug fit on the bottle, and I use both Lantus and Humalog, so getting one for each was great! Now only time will tell how long they will last. Like that they are clear, and in case you can’t see through, just turn the bottle so the label faces the back. Great product!

W. Quella

Insulin vial protector

5.0 rating
August 17, 2012

This product really works. It truly does protect my wife’s insulin vial against breakage. Also, it’s easy to see how much insulin is in the vial. You need not remove the vial from it’s protector to insert needle.

Kindle Customer

Angel L. de Jesus Marin

5.0 rating
June 1, 2012

I decide to use for prtec mi insulinfor any reson

Angel L. de Jesus Marin