Vial Safe Impact Resistant Insulin Vial Protector – Fits all 10mL Vials


  • Protects vials if accidentally dropped
  • Provides secure & comfortable grip
  • Patented design allows you to view label & content at all times
  • Reusable & lasts forever
  • Great for travel & insulin pump users


Why Vial Safe?

  • Fits all 10 mL insulin brands
  • Provides comfortable grip
  • Reuseable
  • Lasts forever
  • View label & contents of vial at all times
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Protects against accidental drops
  • Super lightweight
  • Great for pet insulin
  • Open top allows easy needle insertion

Legal Disclaimer:  Vial Safe is intended to reduce the chance of damage to a glass vial that is properly inserted into it.  Use of Vial Safe does not guarantee that damage or destruction of a vial and resulting loss of its contents will not occur. Even when properly inserted, Vials in Vial Safe can be damaged and, in some cases, destroyed and the contents lost. By using Vial Safe you agree that you will hold harmless Vial Safe, LLC from and against any and all damages, including personal injury and death, resulting from the failure of Vial Safe to prevent damage to or destruction of a vial or its contents.


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Vial Safe
Average rating:  
 103 reviews
by Amy Davis on Vial Safe

by Dez on Vial Safe

by Shauna on Vial Safe

These are awesome!! Insulin is costly as it is, these little guys protect the bottle!!

by Creed on Vial Safe

I have a diabetic Pomeranian, and have to give two injections a day. I dropped the vial a few weeks ago spilling "MONEY" all over the floor. I had to go buy a new vail quickly. Researching a way to prevent this in the future, I ran across this item and purchased it immediately. I hadn't had it on more than a week when I dropped the vial again on my kitchen floor, but the outcome was soooo different. The vial survived the fall thank goodness. I recommend this product!!!

by Kalym De Jesus on Vial Safe

This is a great product! My insulin vials are safe from breaking

by Amazon Customer on Vial Safe

Perfect for everyday use & travel. Very impressive product.

by Amazon Customer on Vial Safe

Definite need. You do not want to break your vial of insulin.

by Lorraine I. on Vial Safe

Does wonders to protect the insulin bottle

by Kindle Customer on Vial Safe

Easy, protective and perfect to guard the glass vial in every way. The protective case is the perfect fit for Admelog/Lantus (tall) and helps with both gripping and protecting the vial :).

by Jacqueline Cupp on Vial Safe
Peace of mind

This product is the best! Thank you for making it. Great customer service,great company!

by Shannon Carlin on Vial Safe

Very happy to have found this product! I get super annoyed that as a diabetic I even have to buy all these additional accessories for my medical supplies, but when I do, I'm extremely grateful for when they work. And this does!

by Randall W. Rasner on Vial Safe

I did not know they made these or I would have purchased sooner! Our German Shepherd is diabetic. These are perfect for his insulin. I have not dropped any of the bottles yet, but my daughter has and this was before we got these. I've read the horror stories of broken insulin bottles. These are very protective and do not block the withdraw opening.

by M. M. Grady on Vial Safe

This is a must-have for any insulin-dependent diabetic. Should be available in every drugstore.

by Kindle Customer on Vial Safe

This fit my vials perfectly and gives a lot of protection to the glass

by Judy Ferguson on Vial Safe

After dropping a partial vialof very expensive insulin on the tile floor I ordered foam protectors. Although they protected from breakage they were not see-through and subsequently I missed a couple of doses because I did not put out the vial to see how much insulin remained a couple of times and had very high readings. I ordered these and am now confident I am getting the correct dose without pulling out the vial and getting protection from breakage. So very happy I got these!!!

by Steve on Vial Safe

perfect fit, won't break on drop

by Nanna on Vial Safe


by Sadie Mickelson on Vial Safe

I used these while traveling and I was impressed! They protected my vials when I dropped them! After that I felt my insulin vials were safe going through security!

by Jessie Jones on Vial Safe

We bought these immediately after we accidentally knocked a vial of insulin off the counter and shattering it. (Thankfully, it was almost empty to begin with!) These give us peace of mind that if the same thing happens again the vial will be safe.

by Timothypaul26 on Vial Safe
Great buy!

I had dropped my dogs vetsulin bottle on the tile floor, and it broke. This prompted my search for a cover such as this. At $68 a bottle, I didn't want to chance another drop. Well worth the price and you get 2 in a pack. Another reviewer suggested that they need to add a cap to cover the diaphragm. No cap can create a sterile environment, and swabbing the diaphragm with alcohol is the only safe method, and the cap would only hinder access.

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