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In 2010...

My dad realized he needed to get a better grip on his insulin vials. He had been diabetic for 30 years but the one thing he couldn’t accept was dropping and breaking his expensive insulin.

These lifesaving vials are slippery! He had broken many over the years…while rushing to work, traveling, taking them out of their original box or the fridge, from shaky hands as he got older, or sometimes for no reason at all, simply gravity.

So he got to thinking that there must be a way to make his vials easier to hold and prevent them from shattering if dropped. And couldn’t all diabetics benefit from a solution? He knew he couldn’t be the only one this was happening to and got to work inventing a protective case with the hope he could help others as well. Pretty amazing, right? I thought so too!

It's been my life’s honor to carry on my father’s legacy by continuing to share his invention (and labor of love) with the diabetes community and make daily life with diabetes just a little easier. Here’s to SAFE insulin and peace of mind. And to my Dad.

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