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Fast shipping! Great product

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits most 10mL Brands)

Great for safety and price

I love these vial safes for many reasons. It’s durable, takes a good fall, and the price in unbeatable for the product you receive! It is worth every penny and wish this was around 20 years ago. I appreciate the simple and straightforward design. A 100/100 must for us T1Ds!! And anyone who uses insulin.

So amazing!

I love them it fit both vials I had!

Love the idea

Only drawback is you can’t see how much is left in the bottle. Can you make a clear version?

Great Product!s

Wonderful product at a great price. We use insulin for one of our dogs and my husband has dropped the vial a few times. This product not only protects the vial from breakage but makes it easier for him to grip it when he fills the vial. Thank you!

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits most 10mL Brands)

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits most 10mL Brands)

Love them!

These protectors are great and add a sense of humor. Nobody wants to have to carry insulin but these make it a lot more fun and I feel more secure with my eleven year old taking his insulin back and forth to school with the vial protector on.

incessant emails for reviews

I bought your product. I do not know how much it is appreciated, or how well it is liked, or why I would leave a review other than to say: 1) they're vial wraps, they are only so interesting, and 2) they were bought as a gift, please leave me the hell alone with the emails. After the second ignored review request, figure ya'd learn. So, for future customers, my review: no clue about he product, but prepare your Inbox for the "reminders" to review their product.

Very nice and I feel a lot better knowing vials are safe

Fits perfectly and I don't have to worry about dropping my insulin vial and it shattering.

They fit perfectly and I don't have to worry about dropping my insulin and the vial shattering anymore.

You need these!!!

These perfect little vial protectors have saved me from myself! I drop things…alot. In fact, the day before these arrived, while rolling a vial of insulin, I sent it flying across the room to a certain shattered death. Luckily, it survived, but I’m sure it wouldn’t again. Now my vial of insulin is nestled safely inside of its brightly colored Vial Safe protector case and the stress level of breakage has gone all the way down to zero. I love these little cases! Oh, and the excellent customer service is just another bonus. Very highly and happily recommended!

Great Vial Protector!!

The cost of our injectable products has gone up significantly. We needed something to protect a few of our vials. This vial protector case works very
well!. Its easy to use. Will order again.

Light Blue 2-Pack Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits 10mL Vetsulin)

Fit bottles perfectly

Got two different sizes for Humalog and Lantus and they fit perfectly.

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits most 10mL Brands)

Bought 2

They work good, I like that you can see how much insulin is left, yet the bottle is protected! I bought the paw prints and the lime green for my dogs insulin and now I don't have to worry about it falling out of the fridge or breaking when I have it in the travel case for trips!

I love them. My youngest cat loves to knock them on to the floor.

EVER diabetic NEEDS at least one of these!

I promise these things are literal lifesavers! The only drawback is having to choose which to use!!! Seriously you guys made this roller coaster easier to ride with these little guys!

Love them

The only good thing on having type 1 diabetes is knowing that my insulin is protected.

Gives me so much joy

I’m collecting Vial Safes and so far the Light green is my absolute favorite!! I will NEVER not recommend this product!!