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Valentine Day

no more oopsie moments

Vial Safe provides a secure grip, making insulin vials easier to hold, preventing accidental drops before they happen.

Humalog Vial Safe insulin vial case orange tie dye about to drop fall off table

accident protection

Vial Safe's innovative full coverage design greatly reduces the possibility of shattering and breakage from accidental drops while still allowing easy needle insertion and vial content visibility. Fits all 10mL insulin brands. Lightweight, hypo-allergenic and reusable.

take it everywhere

No more worrying about vial breakage while on-the-go. Vial Safe will protect your insulin whether it’s being thrown in your purse or jet-setted to a far away land.

white cat with black ears and paws sniffing a tie dye light blue Novolog insulin for cats in vial carrying case

purr-fect for pets

No more worrying about Fluffy (or Rover’s) tail knocking his insulin out of your hands. Vial Safe fits Vetsulin, ProZinc and all other 10mL brands used for diabetic pets.

Joel Grossman (type 2 diabetic) inventor of Vial Safe with arm around daughter Stacy Caine and posing for photo at a carnival

our story

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customer love

We're new to the vial world and have already shattered two bottles. Saw this and had to have it. Fantastic.

– Daniel W

@vialsafeinsulinprotector is the best thing since insulin!

– @beticmedic

Who knew I'd fall in love with an insulin protector?

– @ehmichelle

This has been the biggest "no brainer" purchase I've made as a diabetic.

– @me_and_t1d

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