Vial Safe ™

"I NEED EM' ALL", 20-Pack Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits most 10mL Brands)

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This size 20-pack of Vial Safe is designed to perfectly fit all 10mL vials of:

  • Fiasp
  • Humalog
  • Humulin
  • Levimer
  • Lispro
  • Lyumjev
  • Novolin
  • Novolog
  • NovoRapid
  • Tresiba
  • Caninsulin
  • Actrapid
  • Semglee


This 20-pack includes:

  • Clear (1)
  • Navy Blue (1)
  • Light Blue (1)
  • Light Green (1)
  • Pink (1)
  • TIe Dye Pink (1)
  • Tie Dye Purple (1)
  • Tie Dye Green (1)
  • Tie Dye Orange (1)
  • Tie Dye Blue (1)
  • White (1)
  • Red (1)
  • Gold (1)
  • Mojito Green (1)
  • Sunshine Yellow (1)
  • Raspberry Sorbet (1)
  • Blue Heart (1)
  • Cactus (1)
  • Unicorn (1)
  • Paw Prints (1)  



Legal Disclaimer

Vial Safe is intended to reduce the chance of damage to a glass vial that is properly inserted into it.  Use of Vial Safe does not guarantee that damage or destruction of a vial and resulting loss of its contents will not occur. Even when properly inserted, Vials in Vial Safe can be damaged and, in some cases, destroyed and the contents lost. By using Vial Safe you agree that you will hold harmless Vial Safe, LLC from and against any and all damages, including personal injury and death, resulting from the failure of Vial Safe to prevent damage to or destruction of a vial or its contents.

Customer Reviews

Based on 407 reviews
Natalia Delgado

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits most 10mL Brands)

Julie Bottin
Bought 2

They work good, I like that you can see how much insulin is left, yet the bottle is protected! I bought the paw prints and the lime green for my dogs insulin and now I don't have to worry about it falling out of the fridge or breaking when I have it in the travel case for trips!


Great pack!

Kathy Macak

I love them. My youngest cat loves to knock them on to the floor.

Yazelle Ortiz
Love them

The only good thing on having type 1 diabetes is knowing that my insulin is protected.

Andrea Morales
Gives me so much joy

I’m collecting Vial Safes and so far the Light green is my absolute favorite!! I will NEVER not recommend this product!!

Kim Traxler
Happy Customer

Where has this been all of my Type-1 life? I love it! It’s easy to take off and put on, protects my very pricey vial, and comes in so many fun colors and prints!

Kim Traxler
Cactus and Paw Prints

I love them! Where have you been all my life? 😍

Karen Moyers
Insulin holder

Nice product… Sorry I didn’t but a couple sooner.. Makes it easy to differentiate between two types of insulin for my fur babies 😊

James Jacobs
Didn't need two

Great product, fits the vial perfectly. Took a star away because I wasn't able to buy just one. That's all I needed because I only use one vial at a time.

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