Vial Safe ™


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Vial Safe is great

Excellent way to prevent vials of insulin from breaking.

Great product and customer service! Fast shipping.


It is a good product. It was recommended by a friend who is also a type 1 diabetic and I am grateful for this.

Love them!

These are great, and take a lot of anxiety away. I've dropped and smashed 2 vials previously

Game changer

I absolutely love my purchase, love the selection of colors, and I am very please with the quality of the product.

Protection from damage if dropped

Help me keep my insulin vials safe in case I drop it off the table or whatever

Insulin Vial Protector Case, Short 10mL Size, Mix & Match Colors

Excellent Protector

This perfect way to protect your insulin when traveling or just at home. Fit perfectly on a bottle of insulin and no worries if you drop a bottle of insulin. Plus some amazing color vials. Very colorful so you can spot your insulin!! Shipping is very fast and customer service is fantastic!!

Awesome product

I have both short and tall insulin bottles and love how the combo was available. I'm recently diagnosed and didn't know something like this was even available. Very happy I found them and love how it keeps my bottles safe. Would definitely recommend!

Not the red it shows in the picture.

I wanted this one, because burgundy is my favorite color. That’s what the color looks like, a dark red. It’s not, it’s sadly a bright fire engine red.

Great protection

I don’t have to worry about dropping my insulin and breaking the bottle.

Works Great!!

I have OA in my hands & I drop so much. After dropping my Fur Babies insulin a few times, I looked for something to help me to prevent me from doing it again. This product works GREAT!! No more dropping! Very easy to place on the insulin bottle & Very easy to take it off. It’s like night & day. Thank You!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!


I ORDERED THE WRONG ONE AND THE COMPANY FIXED IT FOR ME RIGHT AWAY! I spend $60 a month on vetsulin for my cat. One broken bottle was one to many- so this product is worth it!

The protection day gives my lantus bottles

The way they with product was made very durable very strong very acceptable for my lantus problems...!

VIAL SAFE keeps vials safe

VIAL SAFE has kept multiple vials safe from my own clumsiness. Purchased when I switched to the pump and had to start using vials instead of pens.

Works great

I’m up really early giving my dog his insulin. This provides my sleepy state of mind the assurance that if I drop it it won’t break. Love it

Must have!!

Simply put excellent vial protection at a good price. If you have vials of medication in your fridge or anywhere you need this. Have you ever had a vial fall?

works great

I had recently dropped a vial of insulin (full of course) and it shattered. Found these and figured I'd try them out. WORK GREAT!!

would recommend

used for our insulin to make it easier to grip while getting it into syringe and to protect the vial. So far so good.

Great protection for your insulin bottles if you accidentally drop it on ceramic tile floors.

Love it.

Insulin cover

I love this cover. I don’t know how many bottles I have dropped and broken this is a great product

peace of mind incase I get fumbles with my cat's insulin

I use the protector to protect my cat's insulin bottle, the medicine is expensive but luckily my sugar baby Mr. Kit Kat doesn't need much insulin at shot time so the vial of insulin should last a long, long time. My concern then was to not drop that valuable stuff, as it could harm the prozinc in the bottle. With the Vial safe even if I drop the bottle I can trust $125.00 medicine for my cat will be protected.

Works great fits the vial snug

Hello I purchased these because I’ve dropped vials of insulin before and seeing as how they are not cheap I got these to protect them. I like it they fit snug and keep the vial safe. The only thing I would say is an issue I have is I use an insulin pump and in order to draw insulin from the vial with the insulin reservoir syringe you have to take off the vial safe so.. but otherwise it’s great

Perfect answer to my dropping vials problem.

I no longer have a good grip for holding small items like my insulin vials. The Vial Safe protective vial sleeve is an excellent idea!

Does the job

I accidentally broke my FILs insulin vial after it fell out of the fridge. I felt bad but They said it was ok because it’s happened to them before so I came on here to see if there was something to protect it. Glad I found this and it fit perfectly.