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I love them so much O had originally bought 3 lol i had to go buy more. I’m too clumsy not to have them 😂

Extra Vial Protection

To be honest, I haven't broken many vials in my diabetes career, but with insulin being outrageously expensive, having an extra bit of protection never hurts.

They're easy to put on the vial, but honestly, are more useful to folks who do multiple injections, as I have to remove the top of the vial protector to fill the cartridge for my Medtronic pump as a result of the extra space required by the protector and the limitations of the existing cartridge design.

Still a super product and highly recommended! :)

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case

The cutest!

I love my vial protectors. Not only are they adorable but they keep my baby boy’s precious insulin safe. The blue heart makes me feel calm every time I see it . Thank you!

Liquid Gold saver!

These are so adorable and make me smile. The little things in life that make a huge difference. I can sleep knowing my insulin vial won’t shatter! You are a lifesaver of my liquid gold! ✨💙


These are so much better than I thought them to be.

Life saver

Life saver!


These little guys are amazing!! Not that I would, but I could literally chuck a vial across the room or drop it on asphalt with this thing on and it would not break!! Highly recommend! Also customer service and quick delivery blew me away. Such a great product and company.


Arrived quickly and my daughter (and I) absolutely love them! So cute and functional. :)

So cute and protective

The colors are amazing and the material is pretty thick so I know it will be enough protection. I use them on my Lyumjev and they just look so cute. 10/10

Insulin vial protective case

After the box tore, my dog's insulin vial fell to the floor, 3 days in a row. Just luck that it didn't break. This cushioned and snug protective case was the perfect answer. No chance of it breaking now.

Vile case

Got 2 for my husband and he loves them.


I purchased the support Ukraine 2 pack. My vials of insulin are protected and I no longer fear dropping them. Thanks vialsafe!

Very cool!

Love these insulin vial protectors! They are super cute and if you know then you know!❤️

I love them

I can’t wait to see the other ones you all come out with

Vial protector case is great!

My husband broke two vials in the past. He was excited to receive this pair of protectors which fit perfectly and he hopes to never waste another drop.

Best invention!

I love the Vial Safe protectors. People are curious to what they are when I bring out my insulin. They never knew this product existed. Thank you for supporting Ukraine with the blue & yellow.

Top quality

The silicone protective covers for the insulin ampoules are excellent. The quality is top and the delivery time was really very short. Thanks very much

Fabtastic idea, design and product!

These Vial Safe insulin vial 'wrappers' are simply superb!

Insulin Vial Protector Case, Short 10mL Size, Support Ukraine 2-Pack

Gives good protection from vial breakage

I have used Vial Safe for a number of years. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of five is due to the fit of the 10L. It seems to be just a little short for my pet vial but it still works fine.

Fabtastic idea, design and product!

I tested one of these Vial Safe insulin vial protectors by dropping one of my insulin vials on the floor inside one - no damage, no breakage!
They're so good that I'm sending these to Ukraine and buying more!

Insulin Vial Protector Case, Short 10mL Size, Summer 3-Pack: Yellow Sunshine, Raspberry Sorbet, Mojito Green


I love these! Love love love

Love my vial protectors! I will be ordering more soon.