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These were a perfect fit for my pets novolin n insulin. I’ve accidentally dropped the vial a few times and luckily didn’t break. Now that I have these covers I know they won’t break. Fits perfect and protects the vial so well. So glad I bought these! Thank you!!!

Fun colors

2nd time ordering. Love this set!
My daughter likes to dress up her insulin bottles. I feel better knowing they’re protected while she’s at school or cheer practice.

Very happy with purchase

The case is just as expected. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Great little invention!

These work really well and are such a a reassurance when out and about. The customer support team were really fab too!

Love these!!!

This is the most amazing idea I’ve ever seen. I love the feel of the rubber instead of the glass. Nice grip!!

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case

Awesome Protectors!

I absolutely love the protectors for my vials especially with my 2 years old kid! She grabs them accidentally and may drop them but I know they are perfectly save in the protector case!

Happy Customer

Everything arrived in a timely matter and cases fit perfectly.

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case

Great product.

I love the colors you have. Wished more were in the 20ml bottle my dr switched me to.

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case

So happy with my purchase

Delivery was so fast and the vialsafes like always are perfect.

Support Ukraine 2-Pack Insulin Vial Protector Case

Has uneven bottom

We're pleased with the vial safe, for the most part, but somehow the bottom isn't even so it won't stand without falling over when the vial is placed inside.

Fantastic Product

Bought these as soon as I heard about the product. Anyone who has dropped & broke a vial of insulin, knows how traumatizing & costly it can be. Unfortunately, more than a couple vials have been broken over the 30+ yrs of living with diabetes. This product is a game changer. The opening on the side of the casing is great for showing the product name when going through TSA security at the airport & does not expose the glass to potential breakage. It is designed with elevated sides that still protect the area. The top is designed to be able to access the insulin without having to remove the sleeve/case. This is a well thought-out, designed product. I feel much safer when now handling the vials & when traveling with them. My only regret is not having these sooner. It would have saved me a lot of money. Thank you for such a great product.

Insulin Vial Protector Case

It’s a gorgeous. Perfect protection and variety to choose from.

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case

I wish that there were a way to see how much insulin was left in the vial. I like the vial protector but it is very hard to see the amount still in the vial

Wonderful product!

I bought these vial safe protectors after my daughter finally got her first insulin pump. I knew right away we should have something to protect the vials and these have been perfect! They fit snug and work like a charm


I love them so much O had originally bought 3 lol i had to go buy more. I’m too clumsy not to have them 😂

Extra Vial Protection

To be honest, I haven't broken many vials in my diabetes career, but with insulin being outrageously expensive, having an extra bit of protection never hurts.

They're easy to put on the vial, but honestly, are more useful to folks who do multiple injections, as I have to remove the top of the vial protector to fill the cartridge for my Medtronic pump as a result of the extra space required by the protector and the limitations of the existing cartridge design.

Still a super product and highly recommended! :)

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case

The cutest!

I love my vial protectors. Not only are they adorable but they keep my baby boy’s precious insulin safe. The blue heart makes me feel calm every time I see it . Thank you!