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Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Fits most 10mL Brands)

Bought 2

They work good, I like that you can see how much insulin is left, yet the bottle is protected! I bought the paw prints and the lime green for my dogs insulin and now I don't have to worry about it falling out of the fridge or breaking when I have it in the travel case for trips!

I love them. My youngest cat loves to knock them on to the floor.

EVER diabetic NEEDS at least one of these!

I promise these things are literal lifesavers! The only drawback is having to choose which to use!!! Seriously you guys made this roller coaster easier to ride with these little guys!

Love them

The only good thing on having type 1 diabetes is knowing that my insulin is protected.

Gives me so much joy

I’m collecting Vial Safes and so far the Light green is my absolute favorite!! I will NEVER not recommend this product!!

Happy Customer

Where has this been all of my Type-1 life? I love it! It’s easy to take off and put on, protects my very pricey vial, and comes in so many fun colors and prints!

I love my VialSafe protectors!

I think they are so cute and right now cuteness beats being depressed about being a T1D!


i like them, they're cute anf quality.

Cactus and Paw Prints

I love them! Where have you been all my life? 😍

Insulin holder

Nice product… Sorry I didn’t but a couple sooner.. Makes it easy to differentiate between two types of insulin for my fur babies 😊

Vial Protector Case

I got these for my daughters diaversary and she LOVED them! So cute and sturdy! We will be ordering again 😊

Fun, cute, and durable

I love all the fun, cute ways I can protect my insulin. I think I have more vial safe protectors than I need, but they are sooo fun! And they are so durable. I was doing a site change and my insulin vial rolled off the bed, but it survived because I had it in a vial safe protector. What a relief. Great job!! And I’ll always keep my eye out for when you make more cute ones!

So cute

Love the designs & the protection they give

My favorites!

These are my absolute favorite collection they has been dropped to day! I love being able to personalize my vials and protect them. I can’t wait for the next collection!

Didn't need two

Great product, fits the vial perfectly. Took a star away because I wasn't able to buy just one. That's all I needed because I only use one vial at a time.

Good protection but can’t see low insulin level

These feel good in hand and fit well, and will provide protection. Tight fit when trying to store in the vial pockets of my usual carrying pouch and not sure I can carry two. My concern is that I like to see the insulin level when near the end of a vial so I can get the last drop without air. I’ll remove or partially remove the vial safe cover when I reach that point, so should be ok.


These vial covers are PERFECT for my T, now I don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping and breaking another vial😎


Love these! The color is adorable and it saves my sanity when my bottle accidentally falls.

Genius idea

Best idea ever to keep my insulin safe and worry free. The cute designs make them stylish and addicting to always want more.

Best idea ever!

I love these so much! The tie dye just make them so much cuter! I never worry about my open vial when using my vial safe protector.


I just got these vial protectors. I immediately put my lantus inside. And I am just so happy! Not only is my insulin super cute, but i had just put my insulin inside, and while showing it off to my husband I dropped it! Ah yikes! But it was protected. I am and forever will be a vial protector customer. And I will tell all my diabesties about vial protectors. Great job in making diabetes cute and fashionable! I love this so much! Thank you!