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Insulin pump and Vialsafe

The vialsafe is an excellent idea. It works great if it was a person using syringe therapy. However, I use Novolog with a Medtronic quickset infusion set. When I fill the reservoir, I have to take the top off because the tip of the vial fits into an adapter on the reservoir. If you could design it with a cap to go over where the adapter goes into the vial. Better yet if it could have a cap attached to the vialsafe holder. It's workable as is, I just take the whole vial out of holder. So far I haven't dropped the vial while filling. Thanks, David Armintrout.

Amazing product!

This has been a life saver! I’m in love with Vial Safe!

So cute and functional!

I love making diabetes fun. We were given a sucky situation, so let's make some sunshine in a storm! These vial protectors are so dang cute, I almost forget the most important part...that it's protecting my liquid gold! Thank you to vial safe for making this product!

Insulin Vial Protector Case, Short 10mL Size, Tie Dye 5-Pack

4/5 Stars

They’re very well made but I wish they were a little thicker for better protection

Great product

Definitely will keep my insulin bottles from shattering if I drop them. Thank you!

Great design (could be bit better to be able to see when insulin is low or very low in bottle). Great to match colors to the insulin bottle colors (ie- Humalog = red, Fiasp = lime green, etc)

Great products

I love them and the color is great I will be doing business with you in the future

Worth every penny!!

I first bought this item years ago when it was first brought to market. Over time they have saved more than one bottle of insulin from cracking open on a tile floor! One was finally tearing at the neck, so I searched online and found them again! And now in colors!! A small price to pay for such a valuable product. Thanks again.

The greatest safety measure

I absolutely love Vile Safe. They are so well made,great colors and most importantly, they protect very expensive insulin bottles from breaking. I highly recommend this great product and am so happy with my three. Great owners too.,A++++

A must have

I absolutely love this product! I had one before, but unfortunately it was accidently thrown out. Now I have two, just to be on the safe side ❤

Dog proof 😊

Love this vial protecter, been on insulin 22 years with dropping and breaking one. Now with this protection I’m not as worried about my dogs knocking them over or me breaking one. Thanks 😊

Vial safe is amazing!!

Vial safe is amazing!!!! It keeps my vials protected from drops. I love that it comes in different colors. The first time I purchased I fell in love that I had to purchase more colors. I love that it comes in multiple colors. Thank you so much vial safe for keeping my insulin safe (:


Wish I had found these before I dropped and broke a vial of insulin. They work well and are easy to use.

Buy it

Omg these things were life changing for us! We have a type 1 in the house and we have dropped and lost insulin before. We've dropped the vial a couple of times with this on and it has saved it!


After breaking a $65 bottle of vetsulin (insulin for dogs) I ordered a pack of these. Easier to handle the tiny bottle, fits adequately, easy to take on and off. Definitely a money saver!

Saved me!

Perfect item after dropping and breaking two bottles of insulin. No worries about that now!

Really WELL designed.

Very Thick, Soft and protective. THOUGH I thought it would cover the needle insertion area. Most will be Glad it doesn't but I thought it would for sanitary reasons in my pack.

Works Very Well

After dropping a $142.00 vial of Novolin R on a tile floor & having it shatter, I was looking for a way to prevent that in the future. I saw the typical sleeves made my other manufacturers & I was about to purchase one of them. Then I saw these. The main advantage is the type of insulin and the amount left in the vial are visible - unlike other brands that cover the entire vial. And, the silicone provides a much-better grip than the slippery glass the vial is made of.
When I initially saw these, I was disappointed at the rather large openings in the side of the sleeve because it looked like a large section of the vial was unprotected. But after slipping the sleeve on the vial, I noted that there is a raised ridge around the opening that provides protection. After installing the sleeve, I tapped the vial on a hard surface & even on the section with the opening, the vial did not contact the surface, so it looks like that raised ridge still protects the vial. I would have liked less of the vial exposed, however. I suggest the manufacturer cover more of the vial with silicone. Only a small section of the vial needs to be visible to determine the type of insulin and the amount left.

Cat / Dog Insulin Protector

We bought this after a terrible accident, we all know what I'm talking about... I dropped the brand new insulin on the ground. It was slippery and cold and I dropped it! Our cat needs insulin twice a day and I was devastated! I went to Amazon, where you can find anything, and this came up. I purchased it right away! I do recommend for cat insulin to cut the bubbled tip off, as it fits much better and it DOES NOT lower the protection at all. Outstanding protection, I would recommend this to anyone who uses insulin (human or pet). Best amazon purchase to date!

Save your insulin vials

Love this product. Wish I had these years ago. Best thing I could have bought.

It's a life saver when protecting the bottle

I love it. It protects the bottle when dropped. I was giving my dog her insulin. She take vetsulin. And when I put the bottle on the tablet fell over and rolled off the table and broke on the floor. Now its protected.

very easy to put on the vial

I love the colors so bright and cheery I can now have a sigh of relief for when an oopsie moment happens when handling a flying through the air vial of insulin cause all you can do is listen to that very expensive medicine hit the ground and break