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Mix and Match Colors, Insulin Vial Protector Case (Size Tall - Fits Lantus, Apidra or Admelog)

Really good

Good quality. Easy to get the vial in. I love how it completely covers the top of the vial too. My only complaint is when the insulin is low in the vial, you have to take it out to see how much you have. If there was a way to make the bottom part clear, it would be absolutely perfect.


Excellent purchase and a true lifesaver

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Size Short - Fits most 10mL Brands)

Wish the top allowed for pump cartridge to fit over it

Love the idea, so much! Wish I didn’t have to take the top off to fill my insulin cartridge.

vials protector

Fits perfict, fast easy order and ship. Thanks

Vial Safe

It is a wonderful idea and it works well, the ONLY thing I’d suggest is to make a lid for the top as it it is exposed.


These do not work the greatest to fill a reservoir but otherwise they are working great. These insulate for the temperature and protect from breakage. I no longer have to leave my vial in the box! Plus they designs are so cute. Love the unicorn & cactus!

Clever and helpful

I just learned about the Vial Safe from my granddaughter and I thought it was a practical and important accessory for people with Type 1 Diabetes. I ordered 5 because I am giving them to my friends who also must protect their vials. Thank you for the product and fast service.

Mix & Match Insulin Vial Protector Case (Size Short - Fits most 10mL Brands)

Mix and Match Colors, Insulin Vial Protector Case (Size Tall - Fits Lantus, Apidra or Admelog)


Easy to use and gives me a piece of mind when travelling and don't have my vial in a box.

Paw Print 2-Pack Insulin Vial Protector Case (Size Short - Fits most 10mL Brands)

No broken vials

I am such an accident prone person that has broken countless bottles of insulin in my lifetime of being diabetic, so much that my doctor prescribed me extra vials because I kept breaking them. No more, I haven’t broken 1 vial since having this product. They have been dropped countless times and kicked occasionally but has not broken.

Love the variety of colors

Thx! Love it

Awesome product to have!

Great product, fast shipping, great customer service. This is great to have to make sure your fur babies vial of insulin is safe from dropping. Great piece of mind!

Brilliant product

Love the new vial safe protectors for my teenagers insulin. Knowing she will be travelling without me. This product gives me hope that it will make it harder for to damage a vial 😆 . We bought 3!! Thank you!

Stupendous product

My 15 year old daughter absolutely LOVED it!!! Would like to see more patterns for the taller insulins! We got paw prints and purple tie die!!!

Can’t live without!

I can’t believe that there ever was a time years ago that I didn’t have a Vial Safe on my vials at all times. Now when I switch to a new vial that time in between when my vial is naked is so nerve wracking! Vial Safe has saved me from so many potential broken vials. I truly believe every diabetic using vials needs this product.

It’s kind of like an insurance policy. You pay for the Vial Safe not knowing if you would ever even experience a broken vial. But if you think your vials are invincible and decide not to buy it, one day you could be wrong and have to pay hundreds to replace a vial! So in my opinion, it’s beyond worth it. If you’re reading this review take this as your sign to buy one! You won’t regret it, I promise.

fits vials, seems secure

The protectors fit both the Humulin N and Humalog bottles fine and they seem secure. I like that the window in the protector is large enough to read the label and see how much insulin is left in the bottle (and the condition of the insulin). Thanks!

Great product!

My husband has some neuropathy in his hands. He has dropped more than one insulin vial and broken it. He's had his vial safe for 2 weeks. We feel there is much more stability in his handling a vial.

Super cute for our diabetic dog's insulin. It makes the vial less slippery when needing to roll and draw out the insulin. Thank you for making this a little less stressful.